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Our Mission for Dr. Combs in Hemet

Dr. Combs in Hemet, of TVFP has been treating patients in the Temecula, CA area for over 19 years.  Therefore, Dr. Combs in Hemet believes that you and your family deserve the best care. So relationships are key to family practice.  Above all, we work together through  care and special treatment to achieve your best health. In addition, our staff are known for their great customer service and patient satisfaction. Firstly, we look to educate patients, encourage questions, and take the time to answer all questions about every part of their treatment. Therefore, our goal as Family IEHP Physicians, is to provide patients with the right custom treatment allowing patients to lead a healthy lifestyle. In other words, our staff is trained in all areas allowing the flexibility to meet the custom needs of our patients on a daily basis.

– Dr. Combs

Commitment for Dr. Combs in Hemet

Here at TVFP it is our passion to provide you the best healthcare we can. Therefore, we spend time with you in developing specific treatment. Accordingly, educating our patients and building common understanding is our goal as your family healthcare provider.

– Christina Shaw, PA-C

Our Community for Dr. Combs in Hemet

Margaret “Maggie” Barnard is a Family Nurse Practitioner with Temecula Valley Family.  Above all, she proudly serves patients in our Temecula and Hemet office locations.  Lastly, the providers of Temecula Valley Family Physicians enjoy supporting members of our community in the office as healthcare professionals and through community programs and charity events. 

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